Project HiSchool DiSCo

(High School Distributed Scientific Computing)


In order for the U.S. to maintain its pre-eminent role in science, it is crucial that we begin, at an early age, to introduce our future scientists and engineers to the concept of computational science.

Project Scheme

To accomplish this goal, we put forward the project HiSchool DiSCo: High School Distributed Scientific Computing. The idea is to set up a network of Linux and Windows-powered computers at the participating high schools. These computers would be used for the dual purposes of teaching high school students the basics of Linux/Windows administration and scientific computational methods and as a commodity cluster for high energy physics computations running FORM with enabled Message Passing Interface (MPI) or using BOINC software, fully utilizing the potential of computers.

Even though these computing clusters will be initially used for the symbolic computations of quantities needed for theoretical interperetation of experiments performed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) or at CERN (LHC), this "mini-grid" is easily scalable. With more schools involved in the project, other computational projects could utilize this network, including projects in chemistry and biology, thus having a broader impact on the way scientific computing is done.

A complete description of the project is available here.


This project is done in collaboration with WSU Department of Computer Science [letter of support].

The main support for this project is provided by National Science Foundation via CAREER program support of Prof. Alexey A Petrov.

Schools in Metro Detroit Area interested in joining:

Murray Wright High School (Detroit) [letter of support] [letter of support]
International Academy (Bloomfield Hills) [letter of support]
Southfield Senior High School (Southfield) [letter of support]
WoodhavenHigh School (Brownstown)[support e-mail]
Mumford High School (Detroit) [support e-mail]
Christian School
(Auburn Hills) [support e-mail]
Center for Mathematics Science and Technology (Sterling Heights) [support e-mail]

Nation-wide interest

Taylor University (Upland, Indiana) [letter of support]
If you are interested in participating or would like to offer your support for this program, plese contact the Principal Investigator,
Alexey A Petrov [web cite]
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48201

Program support is provided by National Science Foundation.