Semester: Winter 2013

Honors Option Assignments

Assignmnet 1: Chapter 2: 58, 73 (due: 01/25/2013)
Assignmnet 2: Chapter 4: 115, 145  (due: 02/06/2013)
Assignmnet 3: Chapter 5: 78, 83  (due: 02/18/2013)

Final Assignment

As we discussed in the beginning of the semester, your final assignment would be an essay.
To be exact, a typed (with no more that 1.5 line spacing and 12-size font), 10-page essay on one of the topics provided below. Your essay should be concise and complete and contain scientific explanations of the phenomena with relevant formulas. You should also provide references to your sources of information (please do not copy the text from your sources, as your essay would not be accepted).

Essay Topics:

"Ultrasound and its use in medicine"
"The physics of musical instruments" (choose a particular instrument)
"Bernoulli's principle and aircraft flight"
"Diffusion in biological processes"

Please submit your essay as a Microsoft Word file sent over e-mail to your professor by April 25.