WSU Spintronics WSU Spintronics Laboratory
Our main interests are in nanomagnetism, superconductivity and the interaction between the two phenomena, as well as spintronics devices and applications (e.g. Spin Polarization Measurements). We are also interested in the development of some of the new spectroscopic techniques, such as Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy and Spin Polarization Probe Spectroscopy, the projects we are working on in collaboration with Prof. Peter Hoffmann's Group at WSU.
We have recently installed Scanning Hall Probe Microscope (SHPM) made by NanoMagnetics Instruments The pictures of the Room Temperature and Low Temperature Scanning Hall Microscopes are shown below. The Low Temperature Microscope is compatible with the Quantum Design variable temperature PPMS cryostat (1.8 - 400 K) with a 7 Tesla magnet.

The cryostat is attached to a concrete block set on top of the TMC Stacis 2000 Active Piezoelectric Isolators (see below) to minimize vibrations.

One Day at WSU Spintronics Lab...

Dr. Boris Nadgorny.


Dr. Raghava Panguluri is working with the Room Temperature SHPM and PPMS.

Girfan Shamsutdinov is measuring the magnetic structure of garnet.

Muhammad Faiz is measuring the spin polarization of Co-Pt alloys.

Vivek Batra doing quick estimates.

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